Master of Clinical Physiotherapy – Manipulative Theraphy

Kilroy Norway
Country: Australia
City: Perth, WA

Master of Clinical Physiotherapy – Manipulative Theraphy

Awarding Body:

Curtin University


**Please note: There will be no intake for Semester 2, 2012.


In this course you’ll major in clinical physiotherapy, continence and women’s health, or manipulative therapy. All majors study the philosophy of evidence-based practice and develop practical skills in identifying, acquiring, evaluating and using evidence. You will further your clinical decision-making skills through the use of statistical analysis, including the examination of various forms of statistical testing. You will choose from a range of specialised higher-level units and be given the opportunity to study clinical management, examining the theories and techniques of physiotherapy practice. You will also study models of service delivery, current developments in physiotherapy care, promotion of health and prevention of disease and dysfunction in the client group. Clinical practice is a significant component of this course. During your placement you will detail a variety of case histories and evaluate each as a reflective practitioner. Please note: Participation is obligatory in laboratory classes which require appropriate disrobing when acting as clients in the peer group, and physically manipulating patients including lifting and supporting people with disabilities….