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Wedding gifts should be perfect and also be able to create memories that are able to last for a lifetime. New ideas for the wedding gifts are nowadays coming up and one does not necessarily have to be very expensive. Children can be the best people to ask for when it comes to new and unique wedding gifts ideas. After asking a bunch of kids about the best wedding gift ideas, the wedding gifts experts from The Eternity Rose concluded the following gifts are among the top in the list”

Family medallion

This will always create a special memory for the beginning of a new family. It can be placed with candles, jeweler or certificates to create a supplicated look. This is a good wedding idea for the beginning of a new family.

Beau Coup colored wine glasses

Beau Coup is known for offering the best and unique products such as jewelry and utensils. Getting a newly wedded couple this gift will brighten them up as the gorgeous wine glasses will be used during parties and will always be a reminder of their long lasting relationship.

Hohner Harmonica

This gift will definitely brighten up the new couple. The Horner harmonica will be used by the couple especially with their children when introducing to them the art of playing the chromatic. The gift is one of the best children gifts ideas for weddings as they can be used by fellow kids.

Train Money Bank

Saving up is an important virtue in marriage in order to be assured of a bright future. Kids usually have a saving can for storing some coins. This gift is great for a newly wedded couple as it will be a constant reminder of the benefits of saving up. It can be of a good design and be made from silver to make it look very elegant.

Engraved Baseball Bat

Not only will this gift last for ages but it will be used by the new family for a long time. Children, especially boys, love to play baseball with their fathers. This is a good gift idea as it will be used by the new family. Special name such as the family name of the newlyweds can be engraved on the baseball bat.

Character Frame

This is a simple gift that can easily be made by the kids. It is perfect for the wedded couple as their pictures can be included and something small about their personality be written down.

Wooden Name Train

A beautiful name train can be crafted with different colors to make a beautiful and stunning wedding gift. The best name to include would be the name of the family of the wedded couple. This is a very special gift that will make the couple even love you more for it.

Wedding gifts are not only usually meant for only the bride and the groom, they can also serve to appreciate the people who participated actively in planning for the wedding, after all, gifts are usually a sign and token of appreciation.