Educational Games

children-105600_640With so many advances in gaming technology, it is safe to say that gaming for kids of all ages is a trend that is not going away. This fact has led parents and educators to embrace these advances in technology and use it in an instructional way, promoting learning through gaming. Some new educational games on the market today include Big Brain Academy for Nintendo Wii, Freddi Fish, ABC Under the Sea for Nintendo DS, Scooby-Doo! Pirate Ghost of the Barbary Coast for the Leapster Explorer, Froggy Math for iPhone and iPod Touch and iTouchiLearn Words for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Encouraging learning through play is not new. With new educational games and gaming apps being developed every day, gaming can be a great way to integrate education with fun.

Educational games increase difficulty as the child gets older, to games like completing sentences to what type of sentence is this—statement, interrogative, declarative, or imperative. Even games for teens are out there such as science games in learning different reactions and physics games to figure out velocity, speed, and other things. Games are a great way to learn things, these games are for all ages and people really depending on age.